Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Senator Gay in "bad strategy"

Roy Ashburn has 55 years, is the father of four children and was until earlier this week openly anti-gay. Now a U.S. senator in California, who opposed for 14 years for measures to give rights to homosexuals, assumed his homosexuality after being caught driving under influence of alcohol, walk away from a gay bar.

In an interview with KERN, Senator confessed: "I'm gay!" After so many years to vote against legislative amendments Roy Ashburn justify that their actions did not reflect the "internal conflict" in which he lived, but what the voters wanted him to do. Ashburn already vetoed this year one day to celebrate a gay rights activist Harvey Milk and even vetoed laws against discrimination and recognition of homosexual marriage to be celebrated outside the State of California.

The consequences of disclosure already begun to feel, Ashburn has said he will not re-apply for any political position.

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