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This exhibition presents sexual diversity as something universal to all cultures, it has been created for young people between the ages of 12 and 20, so they can understand that there is a wide range of options for their sexual life both now and trough their lives. It contains an appreciation of multiple legacies of Human Experience in different times and places. 
In many countries Homo, Bi, Trans, Lesb, are very hard issues to come to terms with when you are 12 to 20 years old and do not have an educational or economic support that let you speak up freely, so our purpose is to help these boys and girls grow strong from their inside. 
Artworks, Books, Film & Video, Workshops and lectures provide support to the 15mt timeline about LGBT History.
Human society, by virtue of its nature, abounds with Expressions about specific group Life Styles: concepts and ideas that project collective identity to the rest of the society. Each community´s Cultural Expressions play a decisive role in the dialogue and conflict resolution played out both within and amongst communities. Active participation in the social Imaginarium of each collectivity has enormous bearing on the manner in which its existence is played out and its validity upheld, thus providing meaningful cultural perceptions about each groups co existential roles. At present, there have been few visible cultural manifestations attesting to a meaningful participation of the LGBT community in our countrys daily public life. Let´s have a meaningful and visible presence in human culture. if you wish to use, exhibit or replicate this exhibition let us know, we are always happy to help organizations support lgbt youth email us here  
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