Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Madrugada.| | Poematrix

Madrugada.| | Poematrix: La noche redondea mis ojos y yo con un suspiro mas leve que mi sueño, me entrego al insomnio.
// Y de pronto nuevamente
// un pestañeo,
// un bostezo,
// y [...] | Bach, CO

Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Tossa Tossa My Bear Guy Fashion Doll

Why is there so many sexy girls figures on the market and no men ? As a collector, geek and fan of Pop culture, it is the question I never can get out of my head...

With Tossa Tossa My Bear Guy Fashion Doll, it is time to offer a manly guy, cute and sexy to fulfill the expectations of those who like the masculine physique. Moreover, Tossa Tossa has a touch of "kawaii" and a great evolution potential with swappable heads and new outfits to come !
This first project will be a great springboard for other PVC figures maybe more erotic, dioramas, fantasy style male characters or even famous authors adapted figures.

Support it to help them produce figures it is time to make. 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Amor hasta el fin del mundo

En un escenario apocalíptico el amor encuentra la manera de sobrevivir. Año 2015, una tormenta solar amenaza con provocar el fin del mundo tal y como se conoce hasta ese momento. Los supervivientes se encuentran recluidos en sus casas incapaces de soportar las altas temperaturas que hay en el exterior e incomunicados completamente por el corte de todos los medios de comunicación.

A Vision of the Future of Marriage in Ireland

Written By Tara Flynn & Kevin McGahern, In Association With LGBT Noise. A LIKE:MINDED PRODUCTION -

Sunday, October 06, 2013

The Future of Gender: kids know who they are.

Sweden has recently created the word gen to refer to any person with no regard to their gender. Social roles and standars frequently make things go wrong and probably it is time stop telling our kids who they are or who they must be to elt their inner identity bloom.

More and more kids find their true identities at a younger age. probably in the future more gens will show a step in evolution to our social and personal identities and make a difference to the human race.

We all love Cassidy and all transgender queens!


Hopefully a growing trend, high schools in America are trying to become more tolerant and civilized. This case let us see that American teenagers have a different mindset about their lives and their relationships than their parents had.

Teenagers at Huntington Beach School have shown a different face of the average hateful, arrogant stereotype we see in movies and tv shows. Cassidy Lynn Campbell a 16 year old transgender student has been voted Homecoming Queen.

This is the America we want to be proud in the future, not the bullying one.