Sunday, October 18, 2009

Alert Uganda !

A Member of Parliament of Uganda submitted a draft bill introducing the death penalty for homosexual practices.
David Bahati also advocates the death penalty for those who do sex with the disabled, under 18 or when the accused is HIV positive, says the BBC News website.
The truth is that, according to some analysts, this bill has good chances to advance, as several political leaders and the president has to defend positions against gays.
Advocates of homosexuals in Uganda estimate that a country with about 31 million, there are about 500 thousand people with this orientation.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Italian hetero couple complaints

A cruise aboard in a sublime boat. It was the dream of an Italian couple, husband and wife, residing in Trevi, a town in Umbria. A dream come true when our two lovebirds win a contest. Alas, when they embarked for Barcelona Saturday, September 19, they realize they have fallen in the middle of “Revuelta”, the first gay and lesbian cruise organized by the Italian group

"Shut up in their cabins"

The couple, who have chosen the travel catalog, say not having seen nothing and nobody warned them. Because of this "surprise", they sought compensation of 3,000 euros in damages to the shipping company Grimaldi, guilty, according to them, having failed in its catalog, "the special LGBT cruise”.

"When they arrived at the port, my clients have insight into the media surrounding the boat, said Antonio Francesconi, the lawyer handling the case. They initially thought that a prominent person was on board. But in fact they were covering the event: 1 500 passengers on this cruise were gay! "

"My clients have experienced a sense of embarrassment because of the atmosphere and rather daring performances held on the ship and they spent their holidays locked in their cabins," he added, assuring that "it is not a question of discrimination, but an unfortunate misunderstanding that we must compensate.

"Homophobia in Italian society"

The couple's sulking in any case did not vitiate the atmosphere of the cruise, as a result of its success, a new “Revuelta” was announced in 2010.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

A don't smoke campaign .

Insert a phallic object in his mouth for a guy, that's still a little queer ...

In any case, the ironic conclusion of a satirical website false American, The Onion. The site has been the specialty of diverting the major topics of debate at the time, and is generally well done.

It's still the case here, with a false public information campaign, and a fake news flash (video below), inspired by the release of a member firm of Tom Coburn, a Republican senator very religious Oklahoma. On September 21, to oppose pornography among youth, it has been hypothesized that questionable "movies make porno gay!

Absurdity for absurdity, so making gay porn, why not smoking? And to scare American youth, who often use the word "gay" as an insult, easy, trying to make them believe that smoking is gay.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Ce week-end, un match de Coupe de Foot Loisir devait opposer le Paris Foot Gay à l'équipe de Créteil Bébel. Mais la veille du match, les visiteurs ont envoyé un message indiquant qu'ils refusaient de jouer la rencontre : «Désolé, mais par rapport au nom de votre équipe et conformément aux principes de notre équipe, qui est une équipe de musulmans pratiquants, nous ne pouvons jouer contre vous, nos convictions sont de loin plus importantes qu'un simple match de foot, encore une fois excusez-nous de vous avoir prévenu si tard».

Le club Paris Foot Gay a aussitôt publié un communiqué dénonçant l'homophobie latente : «Cette équipe a tout simplement refusé de jouer contre des homosexuels. Rappelons que le Paris Foot Gay n'est pas un club communautariste. Il est ouvert à tous, hétéros comme homos, heureux de lutter ensemble contre les préjugés et les discriminations. Au sein de notre équipe se côtoient des blacks, des blancs, des beurs, toutes religions confondues. Il est symptomatique de constater que les regroupements communautariste de certains clubs ne choquent personne, mais que la simple évocation du mot "Gay" dans le milieu du football n'inspire que le mépris ou la peur d'être mis face à autrui.»
Le club parisien a saisi la Commission Football Loisirs, organisatrice de la compétition, qui s'est déclaré «stupéfaite» et a convoqué le club cristolien, contre lequel des sanctions pourraient être prises.

Afficher ou pas ? Paris Foot Gay avec la devise "be yourself" compte avec des joueurs de la religion musulmane.