Thursday, December 29, 2011

A gift from god

Open call for LGBTH Artists and Researchers

This project has been supported by The LGBT Center New York, NYU Fales Library, Visual Aids, Artehoy Foundation and Algo Bueno Barcelona

Here you can propose your artwork for the next AUL exhibition tour.

Usted puede proponer aquí sus trabajos visuales para la próxima itinerancia de la exposición AUL


This exhibition presents sexual diversity as something universal to all cultures, it has been created for young people between the ages of 12 and 20, so they can understand that there is a wide range of options for their sexual life both now and trough their lives. It contains an appreciation of multiple legacies of Human Experience in different times and places.

Amor Universal Love will present photographic works, publications, film and objects, and will tour public libraries, schools and educational venues in Europe.

Active participation in the social Imaginarium of each collectivity has enormous bearing on the manner in which its existence is played out and its validity upheld, thus providing meaningful cultural perceptions about each groups co existential roles. . At present, there have been few visible cultural manifestations attesting to a meaningful participation of the GLBT community in our countrys daily public life. In the realm of cultural products, it is difficult to encounter specific manifestations of the dynamics of the members of the GLBT community-namely, symbols and expressions of the creativity, the lifestyle, ideas and experiences inherent to this particular milieu.

Some Artists on the exhibit are

David Wojnarovic, Dennis Cooper, Barbra Hammer, Mariette Pathy Allen, Carlos Gutierrez-Solana, Jorge Veras, Santiago Echeverry, Sandra Rengifo, Elisabeth Ohlson Wallin, Mujeres al Borde, among others.

Amor Universal Love es un proyecto de divulgación y visibilización de la hisoria de la diversidad sexual, que a través de una exposición itinerante, charlas, talleres, publicaciones y audiovisuales presenta al público los logros y anécdotas de personajes y sucesos que han transformado el arte y la hsitoria desde una perspectiva de la diversidad sexual y de género.

Abrimos la puerta para que artistas, productores audiovisuales, educadores, investigadores, fotógrafos, escritores, entidades y personas interesadas en hacer propuestas, se unan al proyecto de Amor Universal Love.

Se puede participar del proyecto con propuestas para

A. Exhibición:

* Obras de Arte en formato digital o reproducibles por este medio
* Video : documentales, cortos, experimentales o spots
* Publicaciones : revistas, libros, tripticos informativos y websites

B. Educación

* Charlas y conferencias sobre diversidad sexual
* Talleres de Sexualidad y Diversidad Sexual
* Material de refenrencia o consulta sobre historia de la diversiadad LGBTH

Las propuestas pueden ser enviadas en pdf o jpg a o via flckr en

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Feliz · Happy · Fröhlich · Joyeux 2012

Our deepest wish for equality and well being of human kind.
working together to eradicate all types of hateful differences and generate a better understanding between humans in the world.