Monday, March 15, 2010

Straight Couple got court 1 month in prison for kissing in public !

A British couple was sentenced to one month in jail for kissing in a restaurant in Dubai. The situation came up last November when Ayman Najafi, 24, marketing consultant, and Charlotte Adams, 25, a real estate agent, are, according to witnesses, the touching and kissing passionately at a dinner with friends at a restaurant by the sea.
Najafi working in Dubai for 18 months and Adams was visiting the country. Despite the charges, the couple said in a hearing before the Court of Appeal of Dubai, being the victim of a big mistake.
The police have been called to the restaurant around 2 am by a woman who sat with the children, on a bedside table and claimed that the daughter has to be disturbed by statements sense of affection between Najafi and Adams. After the arrest the two were subject to alcohol testing, which proved positive.
At the hearing, the defense attorney, Hosany al Khalaf, said the couple admitted to have been kissed on the face, but denied any intention of breaking the law. What was not sufficient as it was eventually convicted and also had to pay a fine of 198 euros to be in a public place after having consumed alcohol - which is banned in Dubai.
The two ended up being released after paying a bail and awaiting the final verdict, which will be read on April 4.
The two Britons are not the first victims of the laws of Dubai. Last year, Michelle Palmer, 36, and Vince Acors, 34, were sentenced to three months in prison for having sex on the beaches of the country.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Readers of the Washington Post refuse to see image of a gay couple kissing.

Readers of the Washington Post refused to cross with homosexual sex scenes in the pages of their daily favorite.
The controversy broke out when the newspaper published on the cover, the image of a gay couple to kiss. The idea was to appeal to the legalization of marriage between persons of the same sex in the U.S. capital.

The newspaper admitted it had received complaints of 27 subscribers, one of which threatened to stop reading the newspaper, in the case of "re-appear on the cover of two men to join the lips" ..

New Puritanism again?

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Senator Gay in "bad strategy"

Roy Ashburn has 55 years, is the father of four children and was until earlier this week openly anti-gay. Now a U.S. senator in California, who opposed for 14 years for measures to give rights to homosexuals, assumed his homosexuality after being caught driving under influence of alcohol, walk away from a gay bar.

In an interview with KERN, Senator confessed: "I'm gay!" After so many years to vote against legislative amendments Roy Ashburn justify that their actions did not reflect the "internal conflict" in which he lived, but what the voters wanted him to do. Ashburn already vetoed this year one day to celebrate a gay rights activist Harvey Milk and even vetoed laws against discrimination and recognition of homosexual marriage to be celebrated outside the State of California.

The consequences of disclosure already begun to feel, Ashburn has said he will not re-apply for any political position.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Vatican New Scandale

One of the advisers to the Vatican's elite was removed from office this week due to alleged involvement in a sex scandal. The police recorded a phone call from Angelo Balducci in which this requirement homosexual prostitution services to one of the elements of the Vatican choir, Ehiem Thomas, who was also suspended.

The situation was discovered by chance, since the phone Balducci was being heard in connection with a corruption investigation that had nothing to do with the Vatican. The case had a strong echo in the Italian press, who said that Pope Benedict XVI is already aware of the situation.

Balducci had a responsible position in the Vatican. he was responsible to escort, for example, the heads of state on official visit.