Sunday, January 01, 2012

To be like others by Tanaz Eshaghian

Documentary: Transsexuals in Iran - part 1/4 por mut_dua

An amazing documentary about how the Iranian government forces homosexuals into sex change operations to preserve tradition and eradicate the possibility of living a happy life as gay people in Islamic societies.

The story includes a doctor making big business with this operations, the struggle of young people to get their rights as human beings, even as little rights as women have, the strict vision of the Islamic government, the law and rulers, the point of view of their families who have to endure social punishment. Homosexuals and Lesbians make their decision to change their gender even because of not having other options.

More than 1450 operations have been performed by this clinic, where the government pays half the cost and each family has to cover the other 50%. After Thailand, Iran is today the country whit the record of more sex change surgeries performed.

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